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    Cube 3D Printers Discontinued by 3D Systems

    Today, December 28, 2015, 3D Systems has announced that they will be discontinuing the Cube 3D printer, as well as the consumer platform. The inventory of existing Cube 3D printers will be sold, while Cubify will shut down effective January 31, 2016. Support will remain for owners of the printers through the company's primary site, and materials will continue to be available. The CubePro 3D printer will not be affected. This move comes on the heels of 3DS' dedication to the manufacturing side of business, as industrial applications take the focus away from retail/consumer. Read more at

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    This will be an interesting few years in 3d printing... Im in a similar industry as far as attrition etc. Enterprise storage platforms see very few "real" contenders each decade. With the advent of SSD over a hundred sprung up seemingly over night. A lot are still around. However i think over the next couple of years they will start to fall by the wayside.
    I see 3d printing in the same light. Individuals will continue to make them as kits etc, but i think the number of companies providing printers will fall off drastically.

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    it's not completely discontinued for example they will still have the cube pro , but i got bigger concerns for example the 3d systems are scrambling for a CEO and a economic restoration after the multi million decline in this stock in total economic decline , i remember , within the last how ever long i do remember hearing that the big company might buy another big brand for a big move and now is a great time to do that , of course we will hear on their press page if 3d systems does get sold

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    I get why they want to end the Cube 3D printer, it was plagued with problems (all 3D Systems doing, imo) but what about the Sense scanner and Cubify Invent/Design?

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