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    Technical Information Resources

    Suppose someone wanted to really read the technical aspects of 3D printing rather than the basics...someone with too much time on their hands

    For example, a full indepth discussion of infill, layer height and virtually all the parameters involved in 3D printing.

    Is there a good place to go to read up on all those technical aspects and the effect they have on printing?

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    If you're looking for information about a specific device or topic you can often find it by using a dork like inurl. For example, if you wanted to find out more about G-code, type Inurldf G-code in the Google search bar, and it should come back with all the available pdf files on G-code.

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    new suggestion

    Established in 2013, 3D Universe is a company dedicated to making 3D printing and digital fabrication accessible to everyday people and professionals alike. They sell a variety of 3D printers and supplies. Besides, 3D Universe provides assembly materials kits to make it easier for people producing e-NABLE prosthetic devices. 3D Universe has customers across a wide range of industries, including education, manufacturing, automotive, architecture, product design, medical, and more. You can explore some interesting products at our 3D Universe Review.

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    it is a good practice to share the knowledge when somebody ask for the hep.this is a good forum for sharing their views and knowledge.My doubt is clear

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    The vocational records center internet site is an training directory that offers hyperlinks to on ENGLISH LANGUAGE ACADEMY line assets for profession exploration, technical schooling, group of workers improvement, technical schools and associated vocational gaining knowledge of resources.

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