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    Technical Information Resources

    Suppose someone wanted to really read the technical aspects of 3D printing rather than the basics...someone with too much time on their hands

    For example, a full indepth discussion of infill, layer height and virtually all the parameters involved in 3D printing.

    Is there a good place to go to read up on all those technical aspects and the effect they have on printing?

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    Printing speed

    I’m having issues with my first layer speed. I did set the speed lower in cura but for some reason when come to certain areas it will speed up very quick not laying filament properly ending in failed first layer… ideas?

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    You can set the speed differently for printing walls, infill, supports etc. in Cura. Usually it will show to print the first layewr slower to help with bed adhesion.
    Ok so I did lower the speed of the first layer which did slow it down but when come to a stop where it was outlining text it would speed up or a spot where a leaver would be placed . So is there a direct setting for that under the speed? Which one would it be?

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    I am not as knowledgeable about Cura or any slcicer as I would like to be so I can only offer any information that occurrs to me.
    At a guess it will be a setting somewhere in the numerous speed settings, could even be the travel speed, typically in my slicer it's set at 100mm/sec.

    I think it is really a matter of experimenting with various settings, slower is very often better than risking a ruined print.

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