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    Functionalize's 3D Printed Flashlight Kits

    Functionalize, upon the release of their Flashlight LetterKit is giving the world a taste of just how easy and fun it is to integrate 3D printing and electronics--as well as exploring the capabilities of their flagship filament, F-Electric. The kit comes with everything one needs to 3D print a keychain flashlight from a PLA compatible 3D printer, and retails at $19.99. Read more at

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    Nice flashlight letterkit. I was looking for something like this type the effective guide for functional kits. Just thinking to place an order from functionalize website. Or I should go with modern keychian flashlight?
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    "Easy and fun" perhaps, but you can buy much better ones assembled and ready to run for less than half that price:

    But even if you want to print one anyway, too bad, because Functionalize is "out of stock" on all these kits...

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