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    Post How can I cut and .stl file in a free form shape

    Hi guys, first time poster here.

    I'm trying to find a way to slice open a 3d file composed of multiple parts with some embedded inside a main piece. Basically it's a prostate with 2 lesions and the urethra running through it. I'd like to be able to split the main section of the prostate in a curve so that I can put the lesions and urethra inside of it (printed separately) and glue the whole thing together if that makes sense. Does anyone know how to do something like that?

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    What type of file is it. If its a mesh file you should be able to select the vertices that make up the forms and then create a new mesh file from them, I think its going to depend how separate the different areas are. I think this would be hard and time consuming. How was the scan produced and what software is it using. is it not possible to extract 3D models based on density, using thresholds to generate the new 3d images, and then to print each out separately?

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    You can easily print multiple pieces to be glued together. As for the "splitting" of the 3D file you will need a CAD program that can handle STL's.

    I personally use SolidWorks for my 3D modeling, which can handle many file formats including STL. At least I know I can export to STL...I've actually never tried to import in an STL.

    Do you only have STL for your 3d file format?

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    Modo will also import and export STL and can accomplish the slice easily.

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    Hello Hugsbugs! This is a really important question for me as a learner. Can you please tell the types of files?
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    I usually split the model in netfabb basic and repair the parts, export as STL. Then I can do the rest of the modeling in any cad program. I mostly use Tinkercad because I lack knowledge how to use professional alternatives.

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    use meshmixer:

    the whole 123d suite seems to be pretty good. Free too :-)

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