I have had my Dreamer for a few weeks now and am starting to find I want more control over printing than Flashprint provides. I have read many different threads about different software (Simplify 3d etc) but have a few questions.

- What software will the Dreamer work and not work with? I mean is there any proprietary concerns with the Dreamer? I have downloaded several free/trial versions of different software but seem to have issues connecting to the printer via usb. Some only seem to search for network attached printers, looking for an IP and other look for a com port with different baud rates etc. Will all software connect to it via its USB?

- The main features I am looking for (right now anyway) are being able to set different temps, speed and fan usage for different layers. Does most software out there allow this?

- I see people mentioning software from other manufacturers IE: Makerbot Desktop. Will other manufacturers software detect and work with the Dreamer without any custom Dreamer FW etc?