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    Researchers 3D Print Glass With SLA 3D Printer

    Is 3D printed glass going to be the next big thing? While it’s not likely to replace, say, metal 3D printing in terms of leading the 3D printing industry, it’s certainly becoming more prevalent than it used to be. Last month, Micron3DP announced the upcoming beta release of their groundbreaking glass 3D printer, the first machine to be able to 3D print glass using FDM technology. Now a group of German researchers have announced that they’ve successfully 3D printed strong, transparent, high-resolution glass objects using stereolithography, microstereolithography and microlithography. Read more at

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    Impressive! The same principle is now used by Formlabs with their Ceramic material.

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    incredible,we trust in the near future we can print delicious food?

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    Much better detail than the early MIT 'honey drip' hot molten glass printers...

    I'd love to see an all-glass clock made with this material.

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    Thanks for Sharing it !

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    3D printed glass is really impressive. Hope the technology will be improved for home use.

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    Thanks for Sharing it !

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