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    Makerbot 2X LCD Menu is Frozen

    Hello everyone,

    Recently I was assigned the task of trying to fix the Makerbot 2x printer we have for our students.

    When I came in, a few components had been broken off the motherboard, so we spec'd out and replaced the broken connectors (it was just the power connector and a push connector for the thermocouple wires I think).

    I managed to get it to the point where everything seems to turn on. The lights turn on, the fans start running, the Makerbot plays its jingle, and the LCD screen turns on and Displays the home menu. At this point however, the menu seems frozen. Pushing any of the buttons next to the screen has no effect. It seems to be content just running its fans and lights indefinitely. I've checked the voltages going into the board and at all the labeled test points, everything seems to be fine.

    Unfortunately, when I try to connect the printer to a computer, I get unrecognized device errors. My guess is that there is a firmware issue, but as it's my first time working with a Makerbot printer, that's really only speculation. Its probably also worth noting that the printer was purchased in 2013, well before my time, so the warranty is long gone.

    If anyone has any thoughts on what the issue might be, or on how I might be able to update the firmware or drivers without a USB connection, I would be eternally grateful.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hopefully a firmware re-flash will resolve your issues. You may end up needing to replace your entire interface assembly. It's surely possible it had fried do to the power issues on your previous MightyBoard.

    I'll be happy to send you a tool that will help you re-flash the interface. What is your computer's operating system?

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    Hello, thanks for the quick reply!

    I'm running Windows 8.1 on my laptop. We also have an old computer with the printer that runs Windows XP.

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    Please download Python from this link here:

    Once you've installed Python please re-flash your firmware. Here's a link to a zip file to this email that contains an executable file you can use to upgrade your firmware to version 7.6:

    You don't need to push any buttons on the machine, and you don't need an internet connection or other software. If you're using a Mac, unzip; and if you're using Windows, unzip Simply open the README.txt file and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page under the heading "Usage:".


    - If you've ever used MakerWare on this computer, you'll need to make sure the background service is not running. To make absolutely sure, open MakerWare and go up to the Services menu. Select "Stop Background Service" and wait a few moments. You should see a message in MakerWare that says "Background Service Unavailable". Then quit MakerWare and you can begin using the BotTool I'm sending you.

    - Make sure you choose the correct COM port that your printer is connected to.

    - Make sure you choose the correct firmware file for the machine you're using. The different firmware version are labeled according to which machine they run on:

    - the Replicator 1 (the original wooden printer)

    - the Replicator 2

    - the Replicator 2X

    - When the firmware uploader tool prompts you to turn off your bot, click OK, and turn the bot back on, make sure you wait at least 20 seconds after you click OK before turning the bot back on.

    Let me know how that goes!

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    Unfortunately, the computers simply aren't able to detect which port the Bot is in, so it doesn't seem like we can make any progress with re-flashing the firmware.

    We will look into replacing the USB B port on the motherboard, but we're afraid we may just have to replace the whole thing.

    Thanks for your help though!

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    You may want to try swapping out the interface first. To be safe I would swap out both the interface and the MightyBoard. Please call into Support for further assistance. You can reach us at (347) 334-6800 x3.

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    I followed this to the letter and it said successful but it still don't work. here is a video of what i got. I had my makerbot 2x for 2 years and it is nothing but problems. I am about to get it fixed and get rid of it. never again

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