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    How can i design 3d prints on a grapthing calculator

    I have a good memmory and i can recall, it was before 2008, when i first heard about 3d printing it was a old 3d printing grapthing calculator it, i think it was a offical mod of somekind,but i wanted to bring it up since 3d printing is now booming idk if it was a rep rap co project or not. i wanted to learn more about how it works.

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    Most 3d drawing files are nothing more than a point source and a vector for each line.... ie rays. Graphs are nothing more than equations, and if you start with x=1 and keep going from there, you have a ray, sorta.

    So it would be merely a function of converting equations to the correct format for a CAD program to read.

    But, other than pure curiosity, why?

    And by the way.... google is your friend.

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