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    mexico has a polyethylene shortage

    because oil resource shortage in mexico hence wasting PET(PolyEthylene) is to our own disadvantage so we need to start using recycled materials when it comes to Polyethylene
    so we all need to save up our PET containers, trays , 6 pack rings , and recycle our PET 3d prints , as well as other objects and its not just plain PET it could also potentially effect HPDE,LDPE, MDPE and other poly ethylenes and its not just mexico
    I calculated ethylene oxide costs
    $3201.62115/ liter

    Source of math

    Sigma chemical
    To unit price -) weight to volume in desnity conversion

    And its for the merit of the whole plastic industry with 20% ethylene oxide in PETE plastic of a empty 6 gram 500 ml bottle would
    Be 1.2 grams of ethylene oxide = $4.35 worth of Ethylene oxide

    so wasters beware

    below is the article that i first heard about it from

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