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    DARPA Wants to Create Standards to Ensure 3D Printing Quality

    DARPA has just announced a major initiative to improve the understanding of the processes and materials involved in Additive manufacturing to ensure that parts are printed consistently. For example a part printed on one laser sintering machine using a specific material and then on another machine with the same material may have a completely different microstructure. This makes it nearly impossible to certify a part for use when the structures are not consistent. That's why DARPA is looking at ways in which they can develop a better understanding of the methods involved as well as the materials which are being sintered. More details on these initiatives can be found here:

    Let's hear your thoughts on DARPA's most recent involvement in 3D Printing.

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    this we will be for what will be what we will always love DARPA for this for decades to come. For these gifts to the world will be a honorary grace for the future that they will come up with. We
    Should embrace these blessings to the wealth of our potential and this will prevail To Divinely high end technology

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