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    3DPonics' New Cube Garden

    3Dponics designs and creates fully open sourced hydroponics grow systems that are ideal for new gardeners or those with limited space. Their latest system is the 3Dponics Cube Garden, which only requires three individual parts to set up and use. They also have a customizer app that allows you to scale up or down any of the 3Dponics parts to your individual needs or space limitations. You can read more about 3Dponics and their 3D printed hydroponics systems on

    Below is a diagram of a 3Dponics non-circulating system:

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    I'm all for innovation, but I'm tired of people just rehashing old ideas but making it "3D printed". The doser idea might have merit, but there are fundamental flaws with being able to start such a system without a developed root base. They also violated rule number 1, your reservoir should be opaque otherwise you will get algae.

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