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    Renishaw Moves into 90,000 Sqft Facility

    Renishaw builds products which include microscopes for spectral analysis of materials, gauging technologies, additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping devices, laser measurement and surveying systems, diamond-like carbon coatings, and shape memory alloys and medical devices for neurosurgery applications. Now Renishaw's 3D printing division in Stone has been relocated to a larger, state-of-the art, 90,000-sq-ft facility in Stone Business Park. The company says the move represents their commitment to the additive manufacturing industry sector. Renishaw is the only manufacturer of metal additive manufacturing systems in the UK. You can read the whole story here:

    Below is a photo of Renishaw's facility:

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    Good news for the industry :-)
    Stone's not that far from me if you ever want someone to go look at the shiny machines and go 'cor ! that's SHINY !'
    And I could probably say other stuff as well and take pictures ;-)

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