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    using the 3dfilemarket website

    Just a quick message, we currently have a system on the site where users can download designs using a 'guest checkout' where they don't have to log in. Some other sites insist on logging on to browse and download files. What would people prefer? With the guest option you can't keep track your past downloads from the site in the my account section. Is this even important the way a user would log into a site?

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    That's actually a very good idea.
    There are a number of sites where I couldn't be arsed to sign up just to download a model.

    Once you've used a site a few times you'd most likely sign up anyway - but initially being able to download without all the palaver of signing up, checking emails for activiation mail and going back to download the thing, would be a great idea.

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    I hate when a site make's me log in to download a file :P even worse, is having to log on to even see the file's.

    I'd be user-friendly and not have to log in

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