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    Project Aquero - Turn Air Into Water With this Incredible Gadget

    Project Aquero is a largely 3D printable device that uses basic dehumidifying technology to pull water directly from the atmosphere. Currently under optimal conditions the device can produce about 1 liter per day of clean drinking water. While that is not enough water for general daily consumption, it is enough for basic survival, and that seems to be where the Project Aquero device is most useful. You can find out more details about the device and the water extraction process in the full story:

    Below is a look at the design of Project Aquero's self-filling bottle:

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    Seriously... add the word "3D printing" to every impractical idea and it becomes a headline. Not quite sure how these guys are going to get around the power problem. There are many projects working on the same thing, but with much more original ideas that don't require a massive power source.

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    Great idea we need more constructive thinking like this.

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    3 years ago - wonder if anyone ever made one.

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