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    Hello! I have used 3d printers in my education but am wanting to purchase one for recreational use. After some research I have decided the most important features to me are high compatibility across the different types of printing materials, large printing area, and dual extruder. Does a printer with these specification exist?

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    I know this Thread is started in 2015, but does anyone consider update the list with new models from 2018.
    the price has dropped dramatically sense 2015, I think that one of the hottest printers in 2018 (at a low pricepoint) will be the Creality 3D Ender 3, for danish people we can get it with one day shipping from eg. (
    also the Zortrax M200 Plus in the highend printer market looking very interesting, and especially the fact that they have added a PLA fan, so that the printer will do a much better job printing either Z-PLA or 3party vendor PLA.

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    well if it's not even launched on a kickstarter then you've got at least 2 years to wait until you get anything.
    So probably best to buy something else - that, you know, you can use :-)

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    what is the minimum cost of 3d printer with the whole kit

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    3d printer for beginner

    Quote Originally Posted by Giswin View Post
    I'm a newbie to 3d printing. I want to buy a kit. Please help. I want the best kit under 450$.
    I suggest you can get one end 3 , it is for beginner machine, it can easier eaiser to install, I remember they are only around $300

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    Hello Ethanhaw, $300 minimum, you may find some 3d printer under that price from Amazon or Ebay, but the quality of machine is pretty poor, you will have mega issue after you purchase that.

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    What I don't understand is why none of the printer kits are mentioned. If you are mechanically inclined, can solder and in general are a Maker/Hacker there are numerous rigs out there that are totally open source that you can either build from scratch using build lists and instructions or complete kits that come with everything in the box. I chose the middle and got a Rigidbot Regular. It came with everything except the Power Supply and Main Board, and I have been happily modifying it to meet my requirements while printing my tail off.
    Just check out or the Google Groups under 3D printing to find different machines and designs, or come on over and check out the Rigidbot group (It is the largest and in my opinion, best documented and most helpful)

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    maybe there should be two lists.
    1) for machines that come as kits or machines that are only ever going to be any good after extensive modification (most of creality's)
    2) machines that need no or minimal modification and just work :-)

    And there are a LOT more of the second category around than most people think.

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