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    3D Systems: on board / Recycled Filament coming / & More

    Looks like is now the Chief Creative Officer for 3D Systems. Also, they are working on ways to use recyclable materials to print objects (aluminum cans, etc).

    LAS VEGAS Musician is the new chief creative officer of 3D printing company 3DSystems, he and 3DSystems president and CEO Avi Reichental announced yesterday (Jan. 8) at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.
    Wearing a 3D-printed bandolier and 3D-printed shoes, and Reichental also announced that 3DSystems has been researching ways to turn recyclable objects into 3D print material.
    As an example, said that people would be able to take aluminum soda cans and repurpose them into the "ink" to make other 3D printed creations.
    Reichental said that this would be possible in "months, not years," then later said that 3DSystems would have a solution by the end of the year. This idea is the main reason signed on with 3DSystems, the musician said.
    At the announcement, also asserted his belief that within 5 to 10 years, 3D printers will become household appliances as common as refrigerators, toasters and microwave ovens. also suggested that 3D scanning and 3D printing could be used to capture moments such as concerts or other large events. After a concert, for example, fans could request prints of a high point during the performance, or print the entire audience as a memento of the experience.
    Finally, the two also announced 3DSystems' plans to supply more schools with 3D printers to make the technology accessible to students and children.
    "I'm passionate about teaching kids science, technology, engineering and mathematics," said

    Entire article at:

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    I'm sure all the big 3D Printer manufacturers are trying to figure out a way to print using recycled materials. This will truly be a breakthrough once someone figures out how.

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    Recycled materials is a catch 22 for the large 3D printing companies like 3D Systems. They actually make a ton of their money on Filament so if they were to put out some sort of garbage to filament machine it would hurt their filament sales.

    I do however think this is the future. Image being able to put your aluminum cans in the machine and turn them into practically anything. Same for plastic bottles, or perhaps even glass. Amazing that they plan on having something out by year's end. Things are really starting to take off!

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    It is a catch 22, but if 3D Systems doesn't do it, MakerBot or another company will. Why not make a good amount of money off a patent and special extruder, than let the competition do it?

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