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    Any Real Time Videos of Pegasus in Action?

    Are there any real time videos (Not sped up videos) of the Pegasus 3D Printer printing something out? I just want to see the actual speed of the printer, especially sine this is sort of what they are marketing this on. The videos I all saw were sped up videos. Thanks!

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    I'm wondering the same thing. I haven't yet seen the printer in action, and that will be a major factor in helping determine if I back this thing or not. The concept seems awesome, and the printer has a great appearance. I just want to make sure it's gonna do what they say it will do. Anyone know if they plan on releasing a video of any sorts, of something being printed on this machine?

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    Agreed. Thats one thing that's missing. I mean they show video of the printer printing but it is not in real time so you have no ability to judge it's speed. If they were to put such a video out I'm sure it would get a handful of backers. Perhaps they don't need them though. Seems like most of the rewards are sold out on Kickstarter.

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