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    3D Printing and Building Robots

    Love to see what 3D printed robotics projects people have been working on.. To start people off with a few ideas, here are some created by

    The Grabber - Print and build your very own robotic arm.

    Quadmonster -


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    Robotics looks awesome! I am very exciting to see more and more how areas of science are interconnected, and hope to embrace more of that in students education.

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    Oh wow this is really cool. I think this is going advance society in the aspect of engineering now that it will be easier for people to design and invent things.

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    I did design work for the new Origibot, it's coming soon with 3D printed body parts:!products/c194u

    The 3D printed parts are made with a desktop FDM machine and reinforced. They house all the electronics and frame.
    The project is a great example of how 3D printing can enable low volume production series!
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    Yes, 3d printing is playing a major role in Robotics. I use to print robot for testing purpose. Its really less expensive to see our research robot working live.

    Learn Robotics Online

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    These designs are great. robot
    These designs are great. robot

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    great. I highly appreciate

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