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    Mod for Prusa that detects jams?

    Hey, me and a couple of friends were thinking about making an attachment for Prusa printers that would detect jams, and if one was detected then heat up the nozzle and retract the filament. Does anyone know if something like this exists?

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    The prusa mk3 from prusa research has a sensor for this, what it does when it detects a jam is up to what you do in firmware and I can't remember what they chose to do.

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    The MK3 uses a laser sensor to track filament movement. If filament stops moving, its a problem. Unfortunately if the item unsticks from the bed, that won't help much.

    I own an MK2S printer, and its a good piece of machinery, but I notice they brag about some innovations, but they often aren't the full solution. For example, yes it does have mesh bed leveling, not that manual leveling is that hard, but what it DOESN'T have is auto Z-height adjustment, and that is tricky for many and a pain.

    If you search for mishaps of the Prusa, jammed filament isn't a real problem that happens much, an item breaking off the bed IS a big problem, and usually it happens hours after the print is started.

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