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    Question TwoUp v1 Questions

    Long story short, this type of printer; The TwoUp. Is a tinker project that is doomed to fail without several custom upgrades. (Similar to what I've seen with the CR10.) I'm looking for something where I can get more involved with printing, and creating my own models instead of troubleshooting all sorts of shortcomings.

    What hit the nail in the coffin is qubd's support website is down, the forum they hosted is also down, and finally. I couldn't even order an upgrade kit on their website.

    Moving forward! I'm still going to try to get this working, although I'm totally on my own:

    9-22: Got most of the frame components built. Electronics not touched yet.
    10-7: Purchased some Digikey (WM18416-ND) size #8 crimps for the power supply for $4 w/ free shipping.
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