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    Jul 2014
    looks good, go for it :-)

    200mm/s print speed - yeah right. :-)

    so why do you need 5 printers ?

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    Going to in my spare time learn more about 3d printing. Alot of my friends (online and real life) want me to print for them etc. Little extra income. Also I have an OCD when it comes to collecting stuff I'm interested xD I want a 3d printer of every major type. So basically Core XY [Hypercube Evolution (I know it's technically cartesian), Prusa i3 type (Cr-10, i3 Mega, Tornado?), Delta (was gonna be the Anycubic kossel, but that went well, maybe the TEVO little monster once I save up for that).

    Than the experimental territory ones, SCARA type, the RepRap Helios.

    Think what I'll do is get the TEVO Tornado later this month, than the Duplicator i3 Plus end of next month (I really want to try out direct drive extruders).

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    Jul 2014
    don't forget the upside down delta.
    Can't remember what it was actually called - there is a thread around somewhere.
    Reverse delta ?

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    Oh the one by the same guy? the GUS Simpson RepRap? Thought development stopped on that one.

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    Nicjolas has stopped developement on the GUS Simpson (for now) but that doesn't stop others from having a crack. I started that other thread since I'm doing a redesign.

    My initial timeline was (horribly) optimistic and I've had issues in life distracting me. Since I'm working in openscadHappy I've decided to make the machine fully parametric and easily tweakable. to announce though that I've finally managed to derive all the dimensions for the machine using just one input from the user. All you need to do it tell it the diameter of the printbed you want. From there all other parts are optimized to be as small as possible. You can still easily tweak all the settings and dimensions for the machine manually if you need more space somewhere or something, but I wanted to make things easy for anyone who isnt familiar with openscad or doesnt want to fret over the small details.

    Sorry to derail the thread, I just figured the OP might be interested for his collection of printers

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    Jul 2014
    Definitely - and congratulations on the scad script.
    Always fun trying to make something fully parametric. I tend to find that excessively large or small numbers always do something 'interesting' :-)

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    Haha, you're right, big numbers do interesting things, so the script isn't bulletproof. However, that's why I have "WARNING: common(?) sense required for tuning these parameters!" at the top of the script. Ohh. and parametric modeling is why I got hooked on openscad, that and using graphical modelers like fusion360 and freecad never really worked for me, and when you do something like "ohh, I'll go from M8 to M5 bolts" and realize you need to dig through all the sketches and re-dimension every bolt hole...

    That being said I haven't had it break by just asking it for a big machine in a while, now it usually just breaks if parts don't physically make sense, like if you ask for a 10mm wide hole in a 5mm wide object, or if you don't give things enough clearance. Another one I've spent too much time debugging is when I change related parameters in a way that doesn't make sense. I've added a block of code to help troubleshoot problems, tell you what's going wrong and what you can do to fix it.

    Anyways, to add something to the topic at hand. My two cents is that with i3 style printers, bigger isn't always better. They're moving the bed around, and as you scale up the printer that gets to be a lot of mass, which limits your accelerations and therefore your print speeds. However, if you need big, by all means go big.

    Another thing, don't let the type or configuration of extruder be the deciding factor in your purchase. The extruder often is the easiest part to modify, change or replace on any 3d printer so don't get too hung up on the stock set up.

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    I don't mind trying that too, glad to see you still working on it! I'm also following his newest SCARA project, RepRap HELIOS, but that looks like he's too busy to work on it, 4 months since last update (he said he would do something at end of August or beginning of Sept, but nothing so far). Right yeah I've learned that, so I may just ignore the Wanhao and go for the Tevo Tornado and then the new Creality Ender-4 (It's more of a H-Bot/D-bot? than a CoreXY is what people are telling me.

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    Update: seems like Tronxy is releasing what looks like a Hbot type like the Ender 4 but bigger and more expensive but seems to be similar. Again I know I'm getting the TEVO tornado for sure, just looking at now whether a Ender 4 or the new Tronxy S5X (Ender is about 40% cheaper though)

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