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    My Growing Printer setup (formerly choosing a cartesian printer)

    So with my recent shenanigans on Delta printers, I'm just holding off on them for a while and going back to Cartesians. Right now I have 3 printers (Cr-10, Anycubic i3 Mega, Monoprice Select Mini), and had bought the deltas cause I need 5 in total, but that didn't work out and I'm running out of patience. Right now I have a Hypercube Evolution DIY kit in the room beside me, but may hold back on that for a little bit. I'm looking for a, as the title says, a Cartesian style printer that is not a kit, doesn't have to come fully assembled, but can be put together already in a short time (like 1 hour-2 hours max because i'm really busy now with teaching) for around $400 USD. Build size needs to be at least 200 x 200 x 200, though I am willing to make compromises if necessary. Also requires heated bed and can be manually leveled.Thanks.

    EDIT: Change this to be my growing printers thread because I didn't want to create another thread just for this purpose. Thank you again though to those who helped me choose the printers.
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    no brainer: wanhao i3 duplicator plus.
    monoprice branded for less money:

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    It is weird - my experience with deltas has compeltely moved me over to the delta camp.
    That said - I never bothered to try and tackle topographical 'levelling'.

    Deltas are faster, quieter, considerably less inclined to prints detaching part way through. Print quality is at least as good as cartesians.
    Plus they look a lot cooler :-)
    Also much easier to build and mechanically troubleshoot.

    But you do need a build plate you can level mechanically.
    That whole non-auto levelling doesn't look like fun.

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    Well it seems like there might be something wrong with my BLtouch, it's a legit one, but we'll know for sure later, I am going to try out UBL instead of Bilinear and see what happens. I will nevertheless print the leveling knobs for it anyways.

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    xD the Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus was the first thing that came to mind! though it's 200 x 200 x 180, that 180mm. Any other suggestions? Just want to know before I officially choose the i3 Plus.

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    at that price and not a kit - don't think anything else has larger build volume. Most ready built around that price are 150x150x150
    Or replicator clones at 225x150x150

    For anything larger it'd need to be a kit.

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    My other option I was thinking would be the Cr-10 Mini, though single Z axis....
    and that table mount doesn't seem very stiff.... Hmmm

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    alright well I think I'll go with the Wanhao Duplicator i3 plus, really want Dual Z axis, where's a good spot to buy one in Canada? Aliexpress, 3d print store?

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    Dude, you reminded, I almost forgot, how about this one: 95% assembled. I was originally thinking of the Black Widow after you mentioned after that it'll be DIY kits, then I suddenly remembered that the Tornado just released. What do you think?

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    True True, I only remembered that because of that, never tried TEVO before and thought this might be a good chance to do so. We'll see. Might get one first then the other one later, just gotta decide which one to get first...

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