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    Advice to fix sides

    I am trying to figure out how to fix the sides on this print. I have played with a lot of settings to get my first layer down and although this one has some small curlinig in the corner on subsequent prints I have gotten this worked out and got it to adhere properly however I still cannot get the sides worked out so they are more "smooth" any tips advice on what may be going on here would be great. I am just getting into printing and have read lots of articles and watched a lot of videos but still having a hard time with this one. Specs below on what I am using

    Monoprice Maker Select 3d Printer
    PLA Plus (1.75mm)
    210 First layer
    205 Rest of print
    60C bed temp (glass)
    Cura Slicer
    100% Fan Speed
    0.2mm layer height
    100% Flow
    This particular one was printed with skirt but I have since switched to brim to help with first layer adhesion which has solved the curling corner.

    Thanks in advance

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    Looks like layer shifting to me. Find a tall cube, maybe 10mm x 10mm x 40mm high and print that. If the pattern keeps going as the height increases, you may have a bent z axis rod.

  3. #3 Download that and print with at least two perimeters, two bottoms and zero tops.

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    Thanks I will do that this evening and see what happens. I appreciate the advise

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    From these prints it appears everything is printing fine? Or maybe I am being naive because of the size. But i have attached some pictures. This was run at a constant 210 with the settings requested/described above. Please let me know if I can provide better views of the print.


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    Yeah, everything looks good there. Is the case the only thing that you have tried printing? Or are you getting that will all of your prints?

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    first layer = 0%
    2nd & 3rd layers = 50%
    4th till finish = 100%

    It just looks like standard warp to me. Also try the buildplate at 50c not 60.

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