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    Post ABS or PLA filaments for heat resistant? Suggesion & help

    Which filaments is best for heat resistance Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene [ABS] or Polylactic acid (PLA)?

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    abs has a slightly higher glass point and Pet-g has a slightly higher one than abs.

    So out of abs and pla - it's abs.

    But pet-g is probably slightly better than either.

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    For heat resistance, move on up to PEEK.

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    Thanx, @Davo for reply.
    pet-g temperature range is 210 degree i guess?
    need more clarification on pet-g
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    XY problem again.

    What is your end goal? If you are talking heat resistance in materials that get melted down for printing, some alarm bells start ringing in my head. If you state your intended purpose, I'm pretty sure of these fine folks will point you towards the correct material. Especially given some materials, while they might stand up to the heat, might have other properties you don't want in your application.

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