I have just purchased a DWS XFAB printer and have yet to do any printing on it. It comes with software called NAUTA that will automatically generate supports for the object to be printed. The support structure can be edited if you are not happy with the auto generated supports. In NAUTA 21 supports were created which I thought seemed a lot for the size of the item to be printed which is Width 9.652mm Depth 10.595mm Height 19.162mm. I am using DWS's PRECISA 779 (grey) print fluid. I then decided to see how Formlabs 2 Preform software would treat the same item using their Black V29FLGPBK01 print fluid. Preform also automatically generates supports for items to be printed and so a comparison between how the two would generate supports for the same item would be interesting. As you can see from the Preform image only 6 supports were needed. Can anyone explain why one would generate fewer supports than the other or is it to do with the difference in the material being used. I suspect that DWS want you to use more supports than maybe needed so that you purchase more printing fluid from them than needed. I am also looking at other makes of printing fluid for the machine which would bring down the price considerably. Any comments would be welcomed.

Formlabs 2 Preform