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    Ante A8 left z motor won't stop after limit switch is pressed

    Hi guys

    I'm a complete Newb to 3D printing and I got an Anet A8 for the holiday and I'm having some problems with it. First thing I want to mention was that no instructions were sent with the kit so I had to use videos and pics from different tutorials to get it put together.

    I also found a short 10 min video that showed how to set up but when I hit the "all-home" selection every thing goes to a zero position but the Y axis motors. I had to bend the lever a hair on the X axis to get the switch to click when the extruded head hit that switch but when I hit all home the Y axis motors barely move down.

    If if I manually hit y home the arms drop but the left motor keeps moving after the switch has been clicked and I have to shut it off to stop it.

    Like I said I'm a complete Newb so Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Ok got confused.......

    It's the z motors Im Having problems with. I checked today and the switch was not working so I replaced it and it's still not working.

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