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    I heard its you can buy cheaper filament on amazon i mean its a good start to buy it there

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    You mean you are going to start posting affiliate links here...

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    hell as long as that's not all he's doing, why not. At the end of the day, this post is about where to buy filament.
    And on that note :-)

    I've currently got a new supplier:
    Uk based, decent prices and up to 6-7 rolls on the one postage charge.
    The stuff that arrived today is Y&S filament - which I've been looking for, for a couple years, ever since they were giving out mini-spools at tct 2015, I think. Unusually for samples, I've actually used it all up, which says a lot.
    Great stuff, but this is the first time I've actually been able to find someone selling it over here :-) also does metallic filaments that use metal as a colourant - it really does look like metal. you get a real shine and glint in sunlight.


    In the sun, might be a bit bright for the camera on my tablet - but it really catches the light :-)

    The copper in particular does look exactly like a roll of thick copper wire !
    The other one is aluminium. Or Alu-mi-num if you happen to be american ;-)

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    MakerGeeks Makes their own filament in the USA and ships direct, so you know who to credit/blame. I am extremely favorably impressed by their Raptor PLA series. The Raptor PLA carries a premium price, but gives excellent results. I love how it prints, and it's much stronger than standard PLA after you heat treat / anneal it. I've also used their standard Maker PLA, Crystal PLA, and ABS filament. The Maker PLA works great, the Crystal PLA turns some really beautiful pieces, and ABS is well, ABS. Iv'e not tried their PETG series.

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    Check out our site we have information for filametns and 3d printers see our site here

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    I buy PushPlastic since it's the most inexpensive Nature Works PLA I can find.

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    if you need some PLA or ABS filament,it is an excellent chance to you.
    we are doing the clearance sale,the filament is so cheap.the PLA is only $8,and the ABS is only $7.if you are worrying about the shipping cost,you can buy a few rolls more rolls,the shipping cost will be more efficient.

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