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    Mbot3d Partners with 3DPrinter

    3DPrinterkart is happy to announce partnersip with Mbot3d for reselling their 3D Printers exclusively in India and other countries .
    Mbot 3D Printers are developed by Magicfirm which was started in 2009 in china and since then developed range of Mbot 3D Printers. It has expanded in 3D Printing education sectors and participated in e-Nable programme which supports 3D Printed prostehitic hand .

    Mbot Cube kit uses a Mightyboard motherboard and Jettyfirmware which is known to be one of the best stable electronics and firmware . It’s a open source 3D Printer whose details can be found on github here. Mbot Cube kit is the highest sold open source 3D printer form Mbot3d . Mbot3d provides MPrint slicing software for users which is easy to use and user friendly.

    Mbot 3D Printers are available in Single & Dual Extruder models . The latest Mbot 3D Printer has some unique features like Full metal chassis, Auto leveling & intelligent compensation system, compact print head, Detaachable build plate, Filament monitor system etc . More details on Mbot 3D Printers and to buy Click here

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    Color Mixing 3D Printer

    If you are looking for Color mixing 3D Printer thenMakerPi 2030Xis the choice.

    Yes you can mix and blend two colors while printing in your object . You can also use as a Dual Extruder Printer . Its has the new 2 in 1 out extruder or we call it 2 filament feeding and single nozzle output .

    With Regular Dual nozzle 3D Printer while printing the filaments drips and get mixed with other color thus making you print looks not appealing to customer . With MakerPi you can print dual color with ease because now dripping of second color filament during printing and giving a neat and clean Dual color printing . When printing with color mixing option the 3D Printed object looks exclusive and appealing .

    MakerPi 2030Xis best suitable for Designers , Makers and Professionals.
    MakerPi 2030X is made up of sturdy metal frame and quality parts . It printers range of filaments like PLA , ABS , HIPS, PET and Flexible . Before sending the machine to customer every MakerPi 3D Printer is tested for 300 hrs . You can check more details and specification of MakerPi 3D Printer here at

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