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    Interesting to know, I didn't find that info anywhere. It's only drawing 0.6% of the 375w PSU's reserves (converter is >85% efficient at 2w) so I'm not concerned. It will also let me string up more 12v LED strips if I choose. I've tested them with 48 LED's for a few hours w/o issue and several lesser applications. If I really need more power I've got some slim 750W HP PSU's that I can put in series for 24vdc. Individually they're about 2/3 the size of that "Meanwell".

    What I'm liking more and more is the rotated switch, it wasn't easy to access on my desk.

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    I rarely turn my printers off, and if I do I switch off the UPS they are plugged into.

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    I have a question for all the QIDI Guru's out there, (Yous guys)

    I have found that I need to replace my extruder motors, and they are as follows:

    42HB34F08AB rated at .8 amps.

    I have found motors that meet most all needs except they are either 0.4, 1.2, or 1.5 amp rated....

    Will this matter, or damage anything if I go up higher than .8 amps? Can the power supply handle it? Should I go with the lower 0.4?

    Also, most of the ones found are a little longer at 40mm, versus the 34mm of the stock, will this effect anything??

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Also if anyone has a link to a replacement extruder motor that is pug and play let me know!!!

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    Do you have a link to this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wirlybird View Post
    You basically go to a Bowden type setup to get it to work. Google it.

    Go with JF's cooling block setup and get Micro-Swiss all metal hot ends. It's a bolt on.
    Do you have a link to this??

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