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    A New 3D Printable Medical Tool Could Save Lives - DragonFlex

    Designers are using 3D printing technology as part of their go-to toolbox for a variety of projects. Almost entirely 3D printed, the DragonFlex uses a small number of complex and tiny components to keep down manufacturing costs and limit assembly time. Researchers say the medical device can be marketed as a disposable, single-use product, and at just 5mm wide, the DragonFlex was made via additive manufactured from a ceramic-filled epoxy resin. You can read the whole story here:

    Remember, with 3D printing complexity is free, which means that things like this cost no more than a straight pair of 3d printed scissors, not to mention designs for tools unimaginable with traditional means of manufacturing are now being made possible. Below is a look at the 3D printed DragonFlex tool:

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    Very nice device. Are the CAD or .stl files available so that we can print some examples?

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    Medical technology is a wide field where innovation plays an important role in sustaining health. We all heard about 3D printing in software fields, but now it's possible to print a 3D model of bones, innards and other anatomical structures. See at palmbeachpost the 3D mammography system which completely revolutionizes the way of detecting breast cancer. In traditional mammograms breast tissue seems white and sometimes hidden masses such as cancer. But now these flaws are overcome by this 3D technology and prove beneficial for patient having dense breast tissue.

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