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    Ringz - Android App for 3D Printed Ring Design

    Slovakian designer and art student Miro Straka and Magpie Entertainment have just announced availability of the latest exciting 3D app, Ringz, which is a mobile app which lets users of all levels design their own rings and then save them or send them out to a 3D printing service. The mobile app is simple to use, and allows for a variety of styles and options for designing your own 3D printed ring. Further details can be found here:

    Have you downloaded the Ringz app on your Android smartphone yet? What are your thoughts. Below are a few screenshots of the application in action:

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    Heh, better look at what personal info the app wants to check: Phone number, device IDs, remote numbers (i.e. your contacts). We'll just call this one a big NO...
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    Good for me (jeweler). If the customer designs their own ring on the phone and wants it made, instead of reproducing it in my CAD software, they can just send me the 3D model. Or if they decide to have a printing service print it out, they'll bring it to me when it doesn't fit.

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    Wow, yeah that need to gather info is bad on their part. Pass.

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