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    Senvol Launches Additive Manufacturing Database

    Zach Simkin and Annie Wang, the co-Presidents of Senvol, say their new algorithm and database can help manufacturers decide everything from whether or not 3D printing is the most cost effective solution to which materials are best for a given project. The Senvol Database lets researchers input their preferences in more than 30 fields before searching the data, and the pair say it included a wide variety of information from materials specifications to government research. You can read the whole story about the Senvol Database here:

    Let us know if you have used the Senvol database and what your opinion on it has been.

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    Hi Brian - thanks so much for starting this thread! I'm Zach Simkin, one of the co-Presidents of Senvol. If you or anyone else has any questions or feedback on the Senvol Database, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

    Also, I wanted to clarify, we have worked with government clients, but the database does not contain any government research information. As of now, the database is comprised solely from the data that the machine and materials manufacturers publish. We will be adding to the database as we move forward, and we welcome any ideas that readers on this thread might have!

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    Senvol Database is a searchable repository for information about additive manufacturing machines and materials. Searching the data is free, but now they are adding the option of licensing the database with an API that will allow visitors to a website to seamlessly use the database without having to leave the original website. This high powered database offers the ability to search machines and materials based on a number of characteristics and can be used either internally or to provide information to power a product. Read more at

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