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    Nozzle Height Adjustment

    On the Flashforge Creator Pro, what is the easiest method of adjusting the height of the extruder nozzles? When I do my bed level procedure, there is friction on one of the nozzles and not the other (in every position).

    Mike H.

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    Here is a recommendation coming from assembling and building image setters, not the same as 3D printers but similar construction. I would use a good dial indicator along with building a dial indicator holder (find one for your model: Level the print bed using that. Once the print bed is leveled out using the indicator, move the heads to the center of the plate, place a piece of paper in between the nozzles and the plate and loosen the set screws to adjust the nozzles until they drop down and rest on the paper. Tighten the set screws up and the nozzles will both be adjusted to a leveled build plate. After you adjust it, move the print head around the plate and use the paper as a reference to make sure the print head is not dragging at any spots.

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    The problem is the set screws are on the back side, at least most are. They tried to put the set screws on the front for a while but there wasn't enough material there to grab on to and the holes stripped out, so they moved them back to the back side.

    Here is something I designed. No dial indicator is necessary. Just level the plate with one of the print heads up high, left one lets say. Level things with the right tightened up and the build plate leveled. Then lower the build plate, loosen both extruders, and run the leveling script again. But this time put a piece of paper on the plate so both extruders get pushed up the same amount. Tighten the clamps on the sides and done.

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