With a little over 59 hours build time, this architectural model from the team at WhiteClouds in Utah is a representation of a 35,000-square-foot home project called the Casa Fortunata. More than 25 unique features like cathedral style windows, fountains, verandas, archway arcading, and multi-level staircases, make what Whiteclouds says is the most detailed model they've every printed. The finished model, nearly two feet wide and eight inches tall, is a testament to the power of 3D printing and design, and will be on display this week at WhiteClouds' booth at International CES, along with a new porcelain-like finish. Check out more details on the Casa Fortunata model project here: http://3dprint.com/35488/casa-fortunata-whiteclouds

Below is a photo of the finished Casa Fortunata model: