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    The Open Source 3D Printed Laser Cutter/Engraver

    Thingiverse user villamany brings us his 3DP Laser Cutter/Engraver, the 3dpBurner, which he created using parts from his old RepRap 3D printer, along with inexpensive electronics being controlled by Arduino software. He used a common 1.6W blue laser diode, which is the integral part that does the engraving. The design for the laser cutter and engraver is fully functioning, customizable, and available for download at Thingiverse. Check out details on the project in the full project:

    Below is a look at the 3dpBurner:

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    Definitely something useful for me, I've been planning around building a custom laser engraver with the DVD burner diode. Had been accumulating parts and tools for a while now. Now what is left is to find the best opportunity to assemble it.

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