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    The Gumball Machine Filled With 3D Prints

    Josh Ajima is obsessed with giving students an entree intro 3D printing technology. A blogger, designer and educator, Ajima recently created what he calls "The Hackerspace Heroes of 3D Printing: Designers and Artists Series #1." It's a gallery of 3D printed art and design objects which are placed inside a classic gumball machine vending device meant to give people an introduction into 3D printing and the artists who are pioneering the technology. You can read more about Ajima and his projects here:

    I thought this was a pretty cool idea. I would probably throw a few bucks into a machine for a random 3D print, and those who have never seen a 3D printed item before would probably be even more likely to do so.

    Below is photo of a 3D printed piece in a gumball container:

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    I am working on a Claw Machine concept that has a small 3D printer inside which fills the machine. Also, Wastestream to Mainstream - Recycling into 3D printing supplies for schools is just about ready to be relaunched.

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