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    Quote Originally Posted by ssayer View Post
    "they are reliable"... That sort of makes me smile.... they aren't even out yet, so there is no history of the device to derive that statement from!

    If you're going to say that they are reliable because the 1.0 is reliable, then I'll go from smiling to laughing...
    It has one click extruder removal and auto levelling features. If you can buy three for under a thousand, I am sure it would make the whole experience better for a classroom.

    Just trying to help and give a heads up. Good luck making your choices.

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    I think UP mini is the most suitable one

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    lol another drive by member. 2 posts and gone !

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    For schools I would suggest a 3d printer with air filters, so you don't poison children with fumes and UFP

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    use pla - no fumes.

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    Our department is looking to add a 3D printer to our program and we were looking at the MakerBot Replicator 5G. Unfortunately, we are hesitant to purchase one based on issues regarding faulty extruders and lack of customer support. Whatever machine we decide to go with will be used by art students and need to be easy to use. We're hoping to spend ~$3k for everything and have decent customer support whenever issues arise. Any suggestions for machines? A local vendor has the Flashforge Creator Pro and we were also looking at the Ultimaker 2.

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    definitely NOT a replicator 5th gen.
    Among many other issues - no heated bed.
    An pretty small build volume compared to other machines in the same price range.

    All 3d printers are easy to use - as long as you learn how to use them :-)
    You will always need to learn what filaments stick to what surface, best temperatures for different filaments and prints.
    What filaments work best for any particular job.

    My current favourite machine is the bcn3d sigma. Not sure if they have a usa distributor though.
    It's just hands down the best dual material printer on the market. Ideal for art students. Makes mixing materials a breeze.

    You might also want to consider adding simplify3d to your shopping list, makes slicing and arranging models on the plate much simpler.

    Might be worth looking at thr robo3d
    You could buy 2 :-)

    And that's one thing that you would be well worth considering. 2 or more cheaper machines would be much much more use than 1 expensive one.
    When any one print can take many hours, having more than one printer is a real bonus.

    I'd suggest the flashforge pro - but while excellent. They have fairly small build volume and no automatic calibration.

    Ultimaker 2 is very good. But not cheap, and again if I were you I'd be looking at more than one machine.

    The printrbot plus is also well worth a look.
    You almost never hear anything negative about printrbots.

    And if you've got a few dollars to spare - why not throw in a wanhao duplicator i3 :-0) Good basic machine and only $400

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    So we have a simple Metal 2 and I haven't been happy with the prints...the objects are too likely to move on bigger prints. I am looking for a BIGGER machine, hopefully with a heated bed's. does anyone have any recomedations?
    I was looking at the Ultimaker 2+...anyone used one of these?

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    Yeah a heated print bed is a must, just gives you a lot more options for filaments and build plates.
    The ulti 2 looks like a much better buy than the new 3.
    Not sure I've ever heard anything negative about the ultimakers.
    They are not cheap, but they do seem to work well.

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