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    Triple Delta Bot For 3D Printers?

    Based on the original design for a delta robot by Reymond Clavel, the double and triple delta robots designed by Dutch inventor Aad van der Geest could have applications to the 3D printing sphere. According to the developer, his lightweight and versatile design overcomes the major limitation of most delta printers; a limited build volume area. By using articulations on multiple axes, the van der Geest design purports to be capable of a greater range of motion than standard delta configurations. You can read more about the design here:

    Below is a photo to show the potential scale of van der Geest's design:

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    That would be pretty low on my list of mechanisms to use. A "single" delta is effectively a spring, now you're compounding that three times. A single delta, that's manageable, but the video shows a very wobbly mechanism that requires the acceleration to be significantly reduced to minimize the wobbling.

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