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    Just an update, my niece and nephew live with us. I suggested that my nephew, who is 11 right now, learn CAD since he want's to be an engineer of some type when he grows up. He took me up on the advice and has been using Tinkercad. He LOVES it! I'm so glad to see him working on something like that rather than wasting time on video games or something else. His school also has some type of CAD and 3d printing program they are setting up. He brought home a paper the other day that I had to sign to allow him to join the after school program that teaches them how to use 3d printers and more. Pretty excited to see this all happening!

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    @dirtyknightsdolls, I totally agree with you...It teaches them to think 3d, to be creative, see what they can do and expands their world.

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    There are so many reasons to use 3D printing, a hospital could make a model of a patients heart so they can look at details without opening them up unless they need to to operate, manufacturers can make prototypes of parts and products and see a 3D model instead of 2D blueprints, the possibilities are endless, imagine if someone who collected a certain series of figures or played those table D&D games they could draw and create there own characters and buildings then print them and Paint them, the number of unique (you can't buy in the shops) models and figurines would be massive.

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