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    Why Education Needs 3D Printing

    3D printing is an undeniable force in up-and-coming technology. Also up and coming are the next generations, who need to be taught the latest and greatest in technological advances. Bringing 3D printing into schools' curricula has undeniable advantages in several subject areas, from math to art to history. 3D modeling allows for a hands-on look at replicas of ancient artifacts as well as models of difficult-to-understand mathematical concepts that can be modeled to increase visualization and comprehension. Check out more ways we think 3D printing could benefit from being incorporated into school curricula:

    Is your school or your child's school embracing 3D printing as of yet?

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    Nice article.

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    Thats so cool! I wish we had such education 10 years ago. It is really very interesting and useful for children. They will have the desire to learn something and it would be more comfortable for them. It will reduce the usage of all that homework helpers as such I wich luck to all new techologies ! I am happy that my children will have such opportunities to learn

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    Hello. Using a 3D printer in the learning process is a very good idea. In the end, this is the construction of a real object based on the model of a 3D model created on the computer. And the printer forms a real product. The process is, of course, long and expensive, but very interesting.Here are some examples of why a 3-d printer is needed in school education:now the teacher himself creates three-dimensional visual aids, without which it is difficult to understand the material;3D printers make it possible to implement training in practice: students can independently create prototypes and necessary details, embodying their design and design ideas.I think that in colleges on such a printer it would be possible to compose essay map examples (or something like that ...?

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    Hey, This is a super interesting article and definitely in line with my thinking. I recently started working for start up Mayku who create a table top vacuum former to work alongside 3D printers to speed up the process and help anyone with learning about product design in a fun and creative way.

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    3D education is really necessary for this modern education. The life style has changed and the circumstances of life are really different now. For school, back to school saving coupons is the biggest help you can get as you can have the most amazing discounts for school supplies

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    3D Printing has bright future not only in education but in many other fields and the way technology is evolving the day is not far that we'll be seeing 3D constructions and body parts printing in real life with ease. I have plans to write on 3D printing on my website PennySaviour and would like you guys to help me if you can.

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    I agree that 3d printing will be very important for education now and in the future.

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    I believe you are right, I think its absolutely necessary and believe that this technology will become much more prevalent as me move forward in the future. I would like to see more classes offered locally at our community college for example, so even older people such as myself can more easily learn through hands on training and assignments.

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    Hey Brain, Really very good information. I agree with you.

    3D printing is the next level of learning technique. There are several benefits of using 3D printing in education. Some of them are:

    1. 3D printers can be used in chemistry laboratories.
    2. With the help of 3D printers, students can print the complex molecules.
    3. Using 3D printers, Biology students can print different body organs and take full knowledge.
    4. Food technology students can use 3D printers to design molds and cookie cutter.
    5. Automobile students can use the 3D printers to printing models of cars and accessories.
    6. Archaeologist students can use the 3D printers to printing building designs.

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