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    Artist 3D Printing 26' Long Boat in 100,000 Pieces

    3D printers have limited build capacity -- but using 30 of them at the same time, Taiwanese artist Hung-Chih Peng is creating a truly monumental piece of art. Printing in about 100,000 pieces, Peng's The Deluge - Noah's Ark will come to life in a 26-foot-long fully 3D printed sculpture of a twisted boat, on display at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. While this huge 8-meter-long boat will be completed in January, already on display is a 2-meter-long model, showcased in the working artist's studio where the larger one is coming together. The twisted form of the huge boat represens to Peng humans' inability to control the world's problems. Check out more details on the process and the exhibit in the full article:

    Below is a photo of the work-in-progress piece:

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    If anyone want's to achieve this sort of effect on your model (the warped view) you can do it in blender pretty easily, take any model you have made and add a twist and taper modifier to it, done.
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