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    ViscoTec Enters 3D Printing Space With preeflow Extrusion Systems

    Germany-based ViscoTec is one of the leaders in precision dosing systems and components. Having realized the similarities between dosing technology and FFF/FDM 3D printers, ViscoTec is now entering the 3D printing space, focusing on the extrusion of viscous materials. The company is not building their own 3D printer, but is concentrating on the print head and software, providing ultra precise volumetric dosing via their preeflow system. While paste extruding machines are not in themselves completely new, ViscoTec has achieved unprecedented precision and accuracy in fine nozzle diameters to disperse viscous materials. Depending on the nature of the particular material, they are currently able to print at a layer thickness of 0.2mm, at a speed as as fast as 1 ml/minute. Check out details, and see a video of the tech in action, over in the full article:

    Below is a photo of a fine nozzle producing layers of a paste using ViscoTec's technology:

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    Germany’s ViscoTec is responsible for what is a new process allowing for the successful and high-quality 3D printing of fluids with both low and high viscosity--most specifically, silicone and adhesives. While not offering their own 3D printer, they have manufactured a variety of printheads which offer manufacturers the option of 3D printing with fluids and pastes. Now, they are putting a name on what they are doing: fluid dosing and deposition (FDD). Read more about the latest in FDD from ViscoTec here:

    Below is a photo of ViscoTec's new FDD Starter Kit:

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