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    3D Printed Keyboards Will Fit Your Hands Perfectly

    Customization is one of the primary benefits of 3D printing, and one man is taking that potential to the next step. Øystein Krog has come up with the design for a new computer keyboard which could benefit typists everywhere. The 3D Ergodox, which is still in the design phase, is curved to match the natural bend of a particular user's fingers, lessening the potential for carpal tunnel and other painful conditions. Once the curve is defined for how a person's fingers move, Krog's code automatically does the rest of the work to customize the keyboard. While Krog's current 3D printer is not large enough to create a working prototype at the moment, he is hoping to remedy that soon and produce a viable prototype. Check out more details about the 3D Ergodox:

    Below is a rendering of Krog's 3D Ergodox:

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    Hello! Did you print the prototype? If did, can you share 3D-model?

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    it was over 4 years ago.
    so - probably not :-)

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    its look like cool project, i want to see it printed

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