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Thread: Velleman K8200

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    Post Velleman K8200

    I havn't found a specif section for this printer, so I decide to open one.
    Im new on the field, and I'm thinking to buy a Velleman K8200 but I would like to hear some feedback from some of you guys.
    Pro and Cons of this printer and how you guys like.


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    This is a popular printer with an active community on and which is probably why 3dpb doesn't have a section for it.
    However it would be good if people from local forums migrated to this one so we can broaden our discussions.

    This is a good starter printer in terms of what it can do. If you look at operating it there is quite a learning curve but the advantage is that you can highly modify this printer to your own needs and has open-source firmware. So I only recommend it to tech-savvy people.

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