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    Makerbot Vs. UltiMaker

    Hi guys,

    I have saved enough money to spare and purchase a 3d printer. My budget is at the most $4,000. Would you guys recommend the MakerBot or Ultimaker??
    Please share your experience with these printers and what common problems did you run across with these?

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    Ultimaker 2 hands down! That new extruder on the Gen 5 Maker Bots are problamatic and you are stuck for the most part with their software. Go Open Source and buy the Ultimaker 2. We have 3 MakerBots, an Ultimaker 2, CUBE 3, several Prusa i3s, an awesome little Printrbot Simple (which I love) and a couple of Kossel Deltas. When we have to make a part for someone that has to be precise, we always go to the Ultimaker 2!

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    I know you asked between Makerbot and UltiMaker, but another to check out is the Fusion3 F306. I've used these at NC State's library and found the print quality and speed to be way better than either of the 2 you're looking at. It goes for just under $4,000. Also can handle all sorts of materials except the flexible ones (uses a Bowden drive).

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