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    Organovo and Yale Team for 3D Printed Human Organ Tissues

    Organovo has today announced a major collaboration between themselves and the Yale School of Medicine. The collaboration, which is being funded by the Methuselah Foundation, looks to further the research behind 3D printing transplantable human organs and organ tissue. The Methuselah Foundation has a goal to reduce the effects of aging by 2030. This research will hopefully eventually lead to entire organs being 3d printed and then transplanted into human being. Further details on this interesting collaboration can be found here:

    Let's hear your thoughts on this research partnership. Will we get 3D printed organs sooner than the 10 year time frame many experts believe?

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    Wow: in 16 years (2030), a 90 year old can have the health of a 50 year old? Not really sure how that would look in reality, but it sounds good on paper.

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