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    Researchers Looking to 3D Print Living Brain Tissue to Cure Brain Disorders

    Biomedical uses are one of the hottest areas for growth in the 3D printing world, with untold applications that could be developed which could enhance both our understanding and treatments of devastating diseases. University of Wollongong and ACES labs at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne are teaming up in a new research collaboration to study the human brain, setting out to 3D print real brain tissue using live human stem cells. These researchers, including ACES stem cell expert Associate Professor Jeremy Cook, are working toward understanding and, eventually, treating brain diseases and disorders such as schizophrenia, epilepsy, and even Alzheimer's. By using 3D bioprinting processes, these researchers will be able to enhance their understanding of how the brain functions, as many difficult human brain-affecting disorders cannot be replicated in animal studies. See more details in the full article:
    Below is a photo of stem cell expert Associate Professor Jeremy Cook in his lab:

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    I think this is a very promising medical development. They claim that the brain is so misunderstood, but many researchers know enough to get the ball rolling in this direction. And we can learn from these 3D applications, too.

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    Now if I were to build a BioPrinter, would I be able to experiment with printing neurons? I have not been able to find anything resembling a DIY source. Is there a DIY source for bioprinting, and more specifically for printing of neurons?

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