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    3D Printed Poker Ping Pong Hits Kickstarter

    A new Kickstarter campaign has kicked off, looking to fund the purchase of a large format 3D printer for London-based Maker's Affair 3D Printing Workshop. A 3D printing workshop and hub certainly needs good equipment, but this crowdfunding campaign isn't just for equipment for inventory's sake; Maker's Affair, founded by Loh Hu, is looking to produce appropriately sized Poker Pong ping pong paddles, "for oddballs" who would like to play with paddles shaped like the four suits in a deck of cards. The paddles have been designed, prototyped, and debuted, and if the campaign reaches its £3,500 funding goal by December 19th, will be produced in full size. The Heart, Club, Spade, and Diamond paddles all have their own difficulty ratings (it's easier to play with a Club than a Spade!) and are all made of 3D printed handle and blade with a rubber surface made by a table tennis supplier. Check out more details in the full article:

    Below is a look at the Club paddle:

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    What an absolute waste of 3d printing. There are better ways to manufacture something that size. They just want a 3d printer, and who can blame them. But you need a more solid reasonto get my funding. Plus I don't care for ping pong.

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    On the flip side Joe, while I completely agree with your comments, look at it from their point of view.

    They want a new printer, so they decide to let random strangers fund it. If they meet their goal, ok they have to make some easy to print paddles. IF they don't the cost is of a new printer is still rediced, and they have to waste less time printing paddles. They write off the time lost into the cost of the printer and they now have good piece of equipment.

    It's genius if you ask me. Way better than funding potato salad.

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    I might start a kickstarter for something, it seems anything goes these days!
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    Hey, looks funny. I would give one to my friend who is fond of this topic. You can even put together a themed gift. But I think it is best to share well-proven platforms. For example, the author says that all these platforms with online pokies will not deceive you, and you can safely play for real money.

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