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    How 3D Printing Is Playing and Will Play a Major Role Within Aerospace

    Aerospace makes up an approximately $150 billion global industry, and 3D printing doesn't yet account for very much of that -- about 0.002% for now. That share may rise, though, with some forecasts pegging 3D printing to rise to $2 billion of the aerospace parts market within the next decade. Boeing is one of the major aerospace players already using 3D printing technology, and its uses will only continue to grow. We have thoughts on five possible applications for aerospace's use for additive manufacturing in the near future, from Boeing to NASA. Check out the list:

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    The idea of printing wing and turbine are not ready yet and it might takes few more years to accomplish them. As soon as you get internal cavities or holes inside it's good as thrash. You don't want any stress that hits right to where you have internal cavities, it will just be catastrophic.
    Which is why Pratt & Whittney are still cautious about printing turbine blade.

    But the use of 3D printing airduct in planes is already going on!

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